Many hands came together to make formation of the NHS Athletics Hall of Fame possible.

In particular, we thank the Hall’s committee members for their financial and time donations:
• Karen Langston
• George Culver
• Terry Denesha
• Terry Hill
• John Miller
• Jack O’Brien
• Tony Silver
• Don Ward
• Duane Williams
• Greg Williamson

A special thanks to contributors who have made a financial investment to get the Hall started:

• Jim Anderson
• Phil & Sandra Spray
• Alan Paradise
• Jordan “Turk” Eliades
• Steve Smeck
• San Joaquin Bit
• Bill McLean
• Steve Hill
• Julie Tillman, TillSey Web Design
• Mary Trichell
• W.A. Thompson, Inc.
• Becky Porter
• Bakersfield Pipe and Supply
• Vance Fisher
• Gene Smart
• Lloyd Mosley
• Jeff Tuculet
• Jim and Jackie Balmain
• Joe Smart
• Steve Clark
• Claudia Dietsman
• Todd Windes

If you would like to make a financial contribution to the North High Athletics Hall of Fame, please visit our DONATE page or email us at for more information. The Hall of Fame 501(c)3 Tax ID number is #47-2602205. All donations are tax deductible. You will receive a tax receipt for your records.