Lloyd Williams, 2013 Inductee

Lloyd Williams

Lloyd Williams was born in Los Angeles in 1932 and the family moved to Bakersfield soon after. He attended Jr. high in Vallejo then moved back to attend BHS where he played basketball. After high school, Lloyd attended Bakersfield College where he played basketball and helped manage the baseball team.

After getting his teaching credential at Fresno State, his first and only teaching job was at North High School where he taught industrial drawing and architectural drawing.

Lloyd started his coaching in 1962 coaching Junior Varsity basketball, freshman baseball, and JV baseball. From 1967 thru 1978 he was the varsity basketball coach, a job he truly enjoyed. He knew the game of basketball and taught it very well. Ask anyone who played for him and they will tell you he “coached the whole player”. He was fair with all and they are still his fans to this day. One of the highlights of Lloyd’s career was coaching the west all stars in 1974.

In 1979 Lloyd became the Athletic Director and continued teaching in the classroom. As A.D., Lloyd went to many lengths to get the best coaches for his staff.

In 1982 Lloyd met Jeanette Donato and they were married down by the Kern River in 1984. Between them they have 6 children and 11 grandchildren.

In 1989, when the district eliminated all but varsity sports for economic reasons Lloyd organized a Saturday Frosh-Soph basketball league with the help of volunteers Mark Weir and Linda Leopold. Lloyd swept the floors, took down the volleyball nets and set up a cash box where parents would pay $2.00 each to offset the cost of officials. After the game, Lloyd was a one man cleanup crew to put the gym back the way he found it before going home.

Lloyd took over the assistant principal job in 1991 and retired in 1993 so he could play more golf and spend time watching the trains that he loved.

Lloyd was totally dedicated to all things North High. He was a very unique personality and never did the boring or expected. He also had several endearing nicknames, among them “The Greyhound” for his long, loping walk, “The Roadrunner”, and still to this day, many refer to Lloyd Williams as “Mr. North High”.