Aubrey Allen, 2014 Inductee

Aubrey Allen

Born in Lawton Oklahoma in 1921, Aubrey attended early school in Lawton and played football at Cameron State Agricultural College where they won a state championship.

Aubrey entered the University of Colorado in 1942 and played 2 years before serving in the Army Medical Corp from 1944 to 1946.

Returning to the University of Colorado, he starred as an offensive tackle, also earning his Masters Degree and served as athletic trainer.

He was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1948, but turned them down because they refused to pay the $300 cost of moving the family to Green Bay. Prior to the draft Aubrey was also contacted by the Pittsburg Steelers.

In 1953, Aubrey moved his family west to Bakersfield and was with the first group of teachers to start North High School. There he taught biology and was chairman of the science department. Additional duties included coaching varsity football with Coach Eliades, C class basketball, and diving coach on the swim team.

Other duties included Director of Student Activities, Executive Board Advisor and Key Club Advisor. Since Aubrey and his wife had no sons to play football, they encouraged their three daughters to become swimmers and they were all very successful.

Currently, Aubrey is living in an assisted living facility in Bakersfield and will not be able to attend the induction ceremony.